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About Us
You won't find a photo of our church on this page because Broadus Memorial Baptist Church is not a building, rather it's a community united by a common faith in Christ.  We're from all parts of the country.  We're from a variety of faith backgrounds.  We're younger and older and in between.  We don't all vote the same way.  We don't all look the same.  But we all love God and are committed to going where He leads us.
We gather for worship on Sunday, but we understand that the life we are called to is not restricted to one day a week, but that faith should characterize all that we are and all that we do.  As a church, we are committed to sharing the Good News of Christ in both word and deed, particularly in the Pantops area where we are located.  To that end, we provide bus transportation on Sunday from several of the senior adult communities on Pantops and lead weekly Bible studies at Park View Senior Living and Commonwealth Senior Living as well as on-site Good Friday and Christmas Eve services.  We work closely with Stony Point Elementary School to help meet the needs of children attending that school.
We share our building with other community groups and agencies.  In partnership with Albemarle County Schools, the Piedmont YMCA, and the Commission on Children and Families, we hosted an after-school program, Y Aspire, for three years, which provided tutoring, recreation, and structured activities for children living in the Wilton Farm community.  If funds become available, that is something we would like to be able to offer again.  Generations Montessori School began operation in our lower level in Fall 2016.  Other community groups use our building for their regular meetings.

Our building is beautiful, and we work hard to keep it looking so, but Broadus isn't a building.  We're people...just like you.  Come and join us.