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Friday, August 02 2019
Building Community on the Road

On Saturday July 13th, sixteen of us traveled to Quantico, Virginia to visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps. We have been taking trips together at Broadus for twenty years or so. Obviously, some of the individuals who have traveled with us in the past are no longer doing so today. Many of them are no longer living, others have experienced a decline in their ability to move around easily, and others have moved away. So, the group of travelers reconfigures, and a new grouping develops.

Out of these trips together, community emerges. We get to know each other in a different setting. We have time to share stories as we sit next to each other on the bus. We share an experience that then becomes part of our history together.

When I think about the trips we’ve taken over the years, one that stands out is a visit to the White House years ago. We submitted a list in the summer of all the people who were possibly interested in going so they could be vetted by the Secret Service. We didn’t know if our group would be given a time slot and were delighted to find out in November that we’d been approved. We expected to see the White House Christmas tree and decorations, and we did, but for some of our group, an unexpected detour through the White House kitchen to access an elevator was the highlight of the tour. 

Traveling together creates memories that bind us in new, and sometimes, unexpected ways.

Being a part of Broadus is about worshipping and serving together, but it’s also importantly about community and building connections between each other so that when rough times inevitably come into each of our lives, we have a support system that will walk with us through the storm. We share the joys and the sorrows of life together. 

Building community takes time. It takes getting out of the chairs in our sanctuary and getting to know each other on a different level. It takes building trust as we share our joys and hurts, our questions and our thoughts and find them thoughtfully and carefully received. It takes working together to spread mulch and pull weeds, wash baseboards and vacuum out stink bugs. 

Building community is an investment in becoming a band of followers who will go with each other as we follow Jesus wherever He takes us.

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At Broadus Memorial Baptist Church we believe we are called to love God and love our neighbors. The stories you read on this blog offer a witness to the ways we respond to God's love and seek to share that love with others. 

Scripture describes the church as a body, made up of many parts. Just as your tiniest toe isn't aware of the intricate work your heart or brain do, it can sometimes happen that people in the church body only see what is happening immediately around them. Our hope is that reading these stories will help forge connection and inspire greater love and understanding for one another.

At Broadus we are a community defined by warm-hearted fellowship and thoughtful inquiry. We hope you see evidence of that in the stories we share here. We hope you know, or come to know, that you are a part of God's grand story and that you are welcome to join us, on a Sunday, a Wednesday, or any gathering in between. 

The life of faith is a journey, and we are not meant to walk it alone. Our stories connect us and we are excited to share some of ours with you. 

If you have a story you'd like to share or would like to connect in some other way you can send an email to or call (434) 977-7381.