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Our Mission
Seeking and serving God together
Our Vision

To worship God and seek God's will in our lives

To offer a place of peace, prayer, healing, grace, and fellowship for all

To deepen our understanding of the Bible and apply it to today's world

To minister individually and collectively to our community as God leads

To equip each individual to be a better disciple of Christ by developing our personal gifts for God's service

To build relationships inside and outside our church family with kindness, forgiveness, and mercy

Our Core Values

Discipleship - the intention to become more like Christ in our thoughts and actions

Bible Study - the power and authority of scripture as revealed in Jesus Christ

Priesthood of Believers - the freedom of every individual to grow spiritually and minister in Christ's name

Lay Leadership - the value of fostering the potential of every person in accord with individual gifts, passions, talents, and abilities

Community - the unity that grows as we love and serve one another

Missions - the privilege of serving the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors near and far

Evangelism - the joy of introducing people to Christ