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Memory Garden
Memory Garden
Pantops Memory Garden provides a beautiful peaceful place for commemorating your loved one.  With its natural plantings and garden features, it is designed to be a place for prayer and reflection.  The Garden can accommodate a private memorial service for family and friends to celebrate the life of a loved one and to assist in the grieving and healing process  It is available for the interment of ashes of non-members as well as members of Pantops Community Church.

Cremated remains may be scattered on the surface of the Garden, poured directly into the ground, or interred in a biodegradable container.  Only human remains may be interred.

For those whose ashes are interred or for those who simply desire a memorial plaque for a loved one, a slate marker with the name and dates of the deceased will be attached to the memory wall in the Garden.

Interment and Plaque
$400 for members of Pantops Community Church
$600 for non-members

Plaque Only
$200 for members of Pantops Community Church
$250 for non-members

To arrange for the interment of cremated remains or a memorial plaques in the Pantops Memory Garden, please contact the pastor at 434-977-7381.